What are the steps I need to go through to get a lift installed?

Here at Hall Group, we make your experience easy by doing all the hard lifting for you. The steps involved for installing a lift are:

  • Determine the reason for needing a lift? Once the need has been discovered, we can come up with the most appropriate lift and shaft design required.
  • Workshop the location, to make sure the lift & shaft suit the property and fit the required purpose
  • Work out what requirements are needed to facilitate the lift & the associated costs. Ensuring all needs meet the required budget.
  • Design & Planning timeline costs
  • Construction timeline & costs
  • Lift type, its size and associated costs
  • Once the above is determined, we can commence planning and timelines can be confirmed for the roll out of your project.
  • Selecting the lift for you. Here at Hall Group, we have a long list of referral partners tailored to suit all your needs.
  • Planning can and will this lift work in preferred space. A set of preliminary to construction drawings will be require gaining the appropriate statutory approvements.
  • Budgeting- How much will this process cost me.
  • Construction- Hall Group looks after all your construction needs including a detailed construction program, a designated project manager and a construction team with years of experience in the field. We also have a team of experienced lift installers meaning there is a seamless transition from building works to the installation of your selected lift.

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