Building your first home? 6 things you should know

Building and designing your very own home is the most rewarding experience you can have. But it can also be one of the most stressful, especially if you don’t have any idea about all the necessary precautions. In this article we have put together some key points that you should consider before you start building the foundations of your new home.

Get professional plans

Think about trying to build a car with no instructions or list of parts. Do you expect to produce a car that would perfectly function? That is why you should treat your home as an investment that is meant to last. Find an Architect that will provide you with floor plans. This will make it easier for you to check if your space is suitable for its intended purpose. You can then work through any potential challenges, and get an estimate on how much your project will cost. You can then redesign, before moving forward into more elaborate building stages, and overall give you a graphical representation of how your dream home will look like after construction.

Find the right land

Ideal locality and size will make an impact on your home’s value and lifestyle. When you have found the perfect location to build your home, thoroughly analyze the distance of facilities that are available in the area like supermarkets, schools, hospitals,and even your place of  work should be accessible to you.

Know your budget

Establish a realistic budget for your home. Once you have a preliminary budget you may need to go back and re-evaluate your expectations in order for you to distinguish what you really need  to prioritise and what you can afford. This way, you are sure that your budget and expectations are in line with your plans.

Know your ideal timeframe

Be very skeptical about the timeline of your project. There are so many builders out there, but finding a builder that fits your wants and needs might take some time. Be sure that they will meet your expectations when it comes to the timeline for completion of the project.

What are your must-haves?

Communication in construction is vital to achieving a successful construction process from inception to completion. Communicate to your Builder and let them know your thoughts, from wall placement and windows, pantry area, guest room, how many bathrooms, light fixtures, sinks and counters. This will be your home; the place that you will be spending the next 10 or more years of your life so you want your home to be more personal.  

Hire a professional Builder

Of all things you need to know about building your home, everything you have planned for will not come to life if you don’t hire a quality Contractor. After the Architect has finished polishing the design and blueprints of your home, it’s the Contractor who will help you throughout the construction process. Look for professional home builders who are highly knowledgeable and highly skilled; hence, they can understand your vision and work hard to make that happen. 

There’s nothing quite like a home that is especially built for your needs, but for most people the thought of building their first home from scratch may involve a lot of decision making and can seem to be overwhelming. Nevertheless, with proper research and planning you’ll feel more confident to take on the challenge of building your dream home. 

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