5 ways to redesign your home office during lockdown

During these trying times, working from home becomes the new normal. As lockdown starts to lift, companies have allowed their employees to continue working remotely.

Whether you are working in a small corner of your room or in a separate study, you deserve more than just a makeshift desk and an extra chair stuffed into a corner. A workspace that reflects comfort is a place that inspires focus and a productive atmosphere.

Read on for our 5 essential ways for redesigning your space into a hub of productivity and practicality. 

Find the perfect location

The first and probably most important thing to think about when designing your office is location. Find a space and make it your own – no matter how small, you’ll be happier and more energised if you love your workspace. Choose a location that best suits your working style and the nature of your work. As someone who is working remotely, you will want to select a location that is away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

Let there be light

Good lighting is critical for any workspace. A well lit room is essential to feel awake and ready to take on your daily tasks. Ensure that your workspace has access to natural light because a dark space can leave you feeling lazy, tired, and uninspired. 

Functional comfort is key

The whole point of designing an office is that it’s the right space to work in, so practicality and functionality are of utmost importance. Invest in the best furniture you can buy within your budget. Your office desk and chair should serve you, not the other way around. You will be spending hours sitting in your office home chair and using your desk; beautiful and functional furniture is worth every dime. 

Tame your home office power tools

There’s not much you can do to embellish your computer, printer, or telephone, but you can hide unsightly cords. Nothing makes a workspace look more cluttered than wires hanging from your desk in view. You can start taking control of your technology by making sure that equipment is close to outlets and is easy to access. You can also add a wireless router and gather loose wires along the floor together with a cord tamer, keeping your workspace as tidy as possible.

Accessorise, Organise and Personalise!

Remember that your home office should also be an inspiring one. Just as with any room in the house, you’ll need to figure out storage and organisation of your home office. Set up hanging or floating shelves on the walls to get papers and office equipment off the desk – This will help you have the peace of mind to work productively. Accesorise your space, choose things that enhance the comfy feeling of your home office and at the same time shouts creativity. Add office items such as a notice board, colorful sticky notes or a framed special photo of your loved one to always remind you that you’re doing it all for them.

Above all else, the keyword to redesigning the right workspace for you is keeping it personal. Your home office is your space, so make sure it feels that way. 

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