Our Story

About HG QLD

Throughout the years, HG QLD has built and implemented a successful end-to-end solution to the construction industry. Taking the focus away from the complexities involved in the Architectural Design, Engineering feats, Town Planning, Financing, Procurement, Construction, and elevator installations.

HG QLD’s strategy has changed from being a standard residential and commercial construction company to designing and constructing a business that focuses on the life cycle of every project. With the goal of creating an all-in-house business, that services its client from start to finish. Effectively eradicating the stigma of “Where do we begin?”

HG QLD’s product offering focuses on best-in-class automated access solutions, luxury residential homes, and commercial properties. Each project is carefully considered and hand-picked in every aspect of the journey to meet the acquired tastes of each client.

‘From the very start, we knew the industry was missing something. We were having the same conversations over & over again. “Where do we begin? So what’s involved in the whole process? Do I need a DA or Building Permit? How much will all of the components cost me?  How long will it take for my lift to get here? Can you please recommend an architect or structural engineer? Would it be so much easier to have one point of contact? Do the lift and service meet Australian Standards?” So we considered all factors throughout the entire process & wanted to deliver a seamless service in one neat package”  Team HG QLD.  

The team you can rely on

The PEOPLE drive our product! We set the highest standards of quality, education and expectations to facilitate a seamless product. 

Our process for finding, hiring, and training our team means that we have been able to build and sustain a team of highly qualified and motivated individuals.